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Spring 2016 and Fall 2016

BME 4985 (co-list as BME 6086): Developing Mobile Apps for Healthcare 

Lecture time: 2.5 hours / week
Format: we will develop mobile apps together in every lecture (student needs to bring a laptop with at least 4G memory to the class)
Course description: Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are changing the way doctors and patients approach health care. Many are designed for the doctors themselves, ranging from handy databases about drugs and diseases to sophisticated monitors that read a person’s blood pressure, glucose levels or asthma symptoms. Others are for the patients to gather diagnostic data, for example, or simply to help coordinate care, giving patients an easy way to keep track of their conditions and treatments. In this course, we will learn the basic elements of apps development on Android platforms, including XML, java basics, view elements, animation, gesture control, audio/video, camera, SQL, timer, UI and etc. No previous programming experience is needed. We will develop more than 10 healthcare-related apps in this course, including BMI calculator, Vision Test app, Vision test game, Drug reminder app, Hearing loss diagnosis app, Heart rate monitor app, and etc. The final project is chosen from one of the apps we develop in the class. We also encourage students to develop apps based on their own ideas. This course is ideal for students who want to develop healthcare-related apps for their senior design. 
We also have a guest lecturer from Facebook discussing mobile app developmeng in industry. 
Guest lecturer: Felix (Shen) Wang, Android Developer, Facebook